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Need Support and Resources for Fertility Treatment? Preferred Fertility Concierge and JFF are Here to Help!

Most people don’t anticipate that infertility will be a part of their story. You plan that once you’re ready to start your family, you’ll do what it takes, and then it will just happen. Well, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen quite as quickly for everyone. 

If you’re less than 35 and have been trying to conceive for more than one year or over 35 and have tried for six months, this fulfills the definition of infertility. Once you get an infertility diagnosis, you’re likely thinking, what exactly does that mean? It’s probably the first time you’ve heard the term infertility directly spoken to you, if at all. What happens next? 

Being diagnosed with infertility can be physically, emotionally, and financially challenging. Now factor in requiring fertility treatment that will require you to take fertility medications that you have to mix and give yourself a shot. It can be a bit overwhelming and probably not something you want to share with friends and family openly.

Preferred Fertility Concierge began because I wanted people to have the support they needed for their fertility journey. I initially thought most people would have difficulty sticking themselves with a needle. Having an experienced fertility nurse come to their home to help with this process could alleviate this stressor.

Emotional support is equally important outside of the physical and medical aspects of fertility treatment. This diagnosis comes with lots of emotions and maybe even feelings of shame and inadequacy. This is a more significant burden for specific cultures, leading people to take this journey alone. Thankfully, Preferred Fertility Concierge provides fertility navigation, in-person injection training, and procedure support to guide individuals at any point in their journey. We have experienced fertility nurses and individuals who have had personal experience with infertility, which makes it unique! 

Many people never share their infertility diagnosis with anyone other than their spouse. And even then, it’s a different experience for each individual. The Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF) provides a beautiful resource of fertility buddies through peer-to-peer support for both males and females. Someone who has experienced your specific fertility issue can make things seem more manageable.

Most people tend to feel the most comfortable at home. This was an essential factor for Preferred Fertility Concierge. We wanted to provide expert fertility nurses with brought empathetic hearts and listening ears that could set realistic expectations during treatment and make suggestions to navigate the journey a more pleasant experience.

Preferred Fertility Concierge believes everyone who desires to be a parent should be afforded the opportunity. Whether that’s through IVF, elective or medical egg freezing, surrogacy, or any other type of assisted reproductive treatment, Preferred Fertility Concierge “Sticks Behind Building Families.” We’re happy to be a part of such a unique journey! 

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    Hello I’m live in Mobile Alabama I have 25 years married but we do not have a baby please help us thank you
    God bless you

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