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JFF Fertility Grants

How do I apply for a grant?

The First Step

No matter what stage you are in, the first step for applying for a grant is to have a need for fertility treatment.

How do I receive proof of my need for fertility treatment?

  • Visit a reproductive endocrinologist for a consultation and workup.
  • If you have questions about your diagnosis or anything else, reach out to one of our JFF staff members or reach out to our partners at CoFertility.
  • Get a basic fertility workup consisting of:
    1. AMH
    2. Semen Analysis (unless paying for a sperm donor)
    3. HSG
    4. Ultrasound for uterine architecture
    5. Bloodwork for ovarian reserve and FSH levels
    6. BMI
    7. AFC
  • Have your Reproductive endocrinologist complete the Medical Form, which you will need to submit along with the rest of your application.
Medical Form

Should I apply?

If you’ve received a medical infertility diagnosis or have a need for fertility treatment to build your family, you may be qualified to apply for a JFF grant.

Can I apply?

  • Must live in a JFF Community
  • Have at least 1 Jewish parent with the intention of raising the child Jewish (Jewish = as from birth or conversion from any denomination)
  • Be a non-smoker, non-drug user
  • May already have up to one child 
  • NOT eligible if fertility treatments are due to vasectomy or BTL (bilateral tubal ligation)

JFF – JScreen Partnership

If you’re currently family planning or in the early stages of pregnancy, we want to ensure that access to genetic carrier testing isn’t a concern. Our partners at JScreen, a national non-profit public health initiative based out of Emory University’s Department of Human Genetics, are here for you by providing affordable at-home access to expanded carrier screening for 226 diseases. 

Use coupon code JScreenAtHome for $18 off the already subsidized  $299 price at Plan ahead for the health of your future family.

If you are a JFF Grantee, JFF requires you to take a JScreen test and will cover the entire cost of the test. Partners are not required to take the test (but may) and you do not need to share the results of the test with JFF. 

Fertility Medication is EXPENSIVE! Here’s how we can help… 

JFF partners with pharmacies to provide discounts to JFF clients. Reach out to your city manager to find out more!

Funding FAQs

How much money does JFF offer its grantees?

IVF Grants 

  • Atlanta: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Birmingham: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Cincinnati: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Denver: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Greater DC: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Pittsburgh: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Tampa: $1,000 – $5,000


  • Each of our partnering clinics offers a significant discount to JFF grantees.  Please note that the discount might not apply to their baby guarantee programs.
  • JFF offers up to $10,000 of Interest-Free loans to grantees, through our partnering organizations.
  • JFF partners with National Pharmacies to offer clients fertility medication discounts.

IUI Grants


What part of the IVF process can a JFF grant be applied to?

JFF grants can be applied to the cost of an egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer at one of JFF’s Partner Fertility Clinics. 

If I am selected to receive grant money from JFF, how will the money be distributed?

  • If selected to receive a grant from JFF, the money will be sent directly to the fertility clinic to cover fertility treatments. The recipient will not receive money directly.
  •  We will work with you and the clinic to coordinate receipt of funds in a manner that ensures your treatments can proceed smoothly.
  • See below for notes on how JFF offers grants for Baby Guarantee Programs.

Do JFF Fertility Grants cover Shared Risk Program?

Yes, with the following notes:

  • No clinic discounts are applied to the Shared Risk Program.
  • JFF will pay the full grant upfront, prior to treatment.
  • If the patient is removed from the program, 100% of the funds from the JFF Fertility Grant go back to JFF (the patient pays for any administration fees).
  • If there is no success through the terms of the clinic agreement, JFF is reimbursed for the full grant amount.
  • The Shared Risk Program may also known as the Baby Guarantee Program.

How much funding is typically awarded for the IVF grant?

  • Each case is considered individually based on treatment costs and the applicant’s financial situation. And all applicants will be required to make a personal contribution to the cost of treatment.
  • JFF IVF Grants generally range between $1,000 and $10,000.
  • Additionally, each of our participating clinics offers IVF discounts to JFF IVF Grantees of approximately 20%.  Please note that the discount might not apply toward their baby guarantee programs.
  • All Atlanta, GA residents are eligible to receive a $10,000 interest-free loan through our local partners JIFLA.  On the application, you can check a box to let us know if you want us to share your application with JIFLA.
  • All Cincinnati, OH residents are eligible to receive a $7,500 interest-free loan through our local partners The Hebrew Free LoanOn the application, you can check a box to let us know if you want us to share your application with The Hebrew Free Loan.
  • All Birmingham, AL residents are eligible to receive a $3,000 interest-free loan through our local partners The Birmingham Jewish Foundation. On the application, you can check a box to let us know if you want us to share your application with the Foundation.
  • All Greater DC area residents are eligible to receive up to a $25,000 interest-free loan through our local partners The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Washington.

What does the IVF grant cover/not cover?

  • The grant money will cover treatments performed on the applicant at the fertility clinic for a new IVF cycle.
  • The IVF grant might cover Money Back Guarantee Programs through your clinic, but the discount will not apply in these cases since the treatments are already discounted.

How long do I have to use the funding?

Funding must be used within 1 year.

Can I apply for a 2nd grant? What steps do I need to take?

  • Yes! You can apply for up to 2 JFF grants. Please email Elana Frank the following information without submitting an entirely new application:
    • Personal Statment: Add a few sentences in red on top of your (previous) personal statement addressing why you are requiring an additional grant.
    • Medical – New form required: Please have your physician complete and sign the medical form (download here).
    • Financials- ONLY required if your grant application was from the previous year: JFF Applicant Financials (download here) + Last two (2) Federal income tax returns for both applicants + Two (2) most recent pay stubs for both applicants + Two (2) most recent Forms W-2 for both applicants

Can JFF pay for things like genetic testing or labs done through my clinic?

  •  First, your grant must go to fully paying the fertility clinic
  • If and only if funds remain, we can pay directly to the lab/pharmacy if an invoice is provided

Can JFF pay for surrogacy?

  • While we do not cover the cost of a gestational carrier or a surrogate, we will cover the medical portion:
    • IUI grant Grant Size – $1,000
    • IVF grant (up to 2)
    • IVF – up to $10,000
    • Frozen Embryo Transfer Grant Size – $2,500
    • 20% Clinic Discount
    • Jscreen valued at $299
    • Medication Discounts

How is my privacy protected when submitting all these documents with my application?

To protect privacy, all applicants are given a number upon receipt. The financial documents which have your identifying information on them are only reviewed by the Financial Qualifications Committee (FQC) Chairperson. The medical form is reviewed only by our Director of Operations and a pair of Reproductive Endocrinologists from our Medical Advisory Council before a medical score is determined, which is combined with a financial score assigned by the FQC.

We use Formstack for our application due to their high standards and stringent data security measures. “Formstack is committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security. Formstack for Salesforce is built on the platform and has undergone and passed Salesforce’s stringent security review procedure for its AppExchange partners.

Here are some ways that Formstack for Salesforce ensures that we encrypt all customer data:

  • We’ve implemented encryption in transmission and storage of data. All form submission data that is temporarily stored on our servers is encrypted using AES symmetric key encryption.
  • All traffic to and from your Salesforce instance is transmitted using HTTPS with a CA-signed server certificate. This means that any data that is intercepted during transmission between our servers and Salesforce’s servers is encrypted.

I read through the FAQs and would like to apply

Apply for a JFF Grant

If you’ve read all of the Funding FAQs, you can continue with an application. Please be specific, accurate, detailed and thoughtful as possible in your responses to the financial questions. For the ‘previous treatment expenses’, an estimate is fine.

How are the grant decisions made?

How we decide

Each case is individually considered based on treatment costs and the applicant’s financial situation. And all applicants will be required to make a personal contribution to the cost of treatment.

Grant decisions are generally made within 2-4 weeks after the application is received.

Check out this short video interview where Elana, our CEO & Founder discusses some answers to frequently asked questions about our grant decisions!

The process

  • Screening: Your application will first be screened to ensure that it is complete and that you meet our qualifications for the grant.
  • Financial Qualification Committee: From there, it will be presented to our Financial Qualification Committee (FQC) where it will be analyzed for financial eligibility.
  • Medical Advisory Committee: If approved by the FQC, the application will be presented to our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).  They will review the application to determine medical eligibility and make their recommendations.