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This momentous occasion, the Jewish Fertility Foundation Celebration - A Decade of Hope, will take place on Tuesday, January 14, 2025, with an unforgettable evening filled with camaraderie, fine dining, and heartfelt celebration of JFF's impactful journey, emceed by the amazing Rain Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor, who has experienced her own infertility challenges.

What We Do

No matter what stage you are in, we are here to provide support and hear your story.

JFF Offers:

  • Fertility grants of up to $15,000
  • 20% off clinic discounts
  • Up to $10,000 of interest-free loans, through our partnering organizations

JFF Offers:

  • Community-based support groups
  • Fertility Buddies Program
  • Meet-ups for individuals experiencing infertility and/or on a family-building journey

JFF Offers:

  • Training for medical professionals and Jewish communal leadership
  • Educational programs for individuals and families experiencing infertility and/or on a family-building journey

We help navigate infertility.

JFF provides community-based financial assistance, emotional support, and educational resources.

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What They Are Saying

Sarah and I learned about JFF in the middle of our fertility challenges. Having kids was something we both wanted, but neither of us ever dreamed it could or would be so difficult. The JFF buddy program provided a perspective from people just like us who had been through the same emotional rollercoasters and come out the other side. Looking back, the buddy program was an amazing resource that came to us at a time in our lives where honestly we had begun to lose hope. Since being together, we have often discussed the type of community in which we wish our children to be raised. JFF is a wonderful example of that type of community. It’s not only provided us with emotional and educational fertility support, but it’s provided us a positive experience within the Jewish community, a community I’ve felt disconnected from for many years. I simply can’t imagine being here today without the support and community JFF has provided us.


When we were having trouble conceiving, we were amazed to learn that an organization like JFF even exists. That our community wants to help fellow Jews build a family attests to not just our people’s focus on the next generation, but to the communal spirit and generosity of the Atlanta Jewish community in particular. We are so thankful to live in this community. Elana and JFF, moreover, conceive (pun intended) of their mission in the broadest sense, recognizing that when a couple struggles to have a child, the challenge is on so many fronts—physical, material, emotional, and spiritual. We have been blessed with not just financial but moral support through JFF and the greater Atlanta Jewish community, who have helped bring us, B”H, to the happy day of welcoming baby Shmuel into the world late this spring.


I am so thankful to the Jewish Fertility Foundation for being a part of my journey to becoming a mother. Elana has been an open heart since the beginning. She set me up with my Fertility Buddy who is seriously the most incredible and amazing woman I have ever encountered. I was hesitant about the single mom experience, but my Fertility Buddy knew what to say, how to hold my hand and support me wonderfully. Now, she has become one of my closest and dearest friends. I’m so grateful to have had JFF to link me to another Jewish, single mom by choice to share all of my trials and tribulations. Truly having a village is what it’s all about. Now I get to watch life through the eyes of this loving, giggly, smiley little one.


The support groups provided by JFF have been a godsend. I remember finding out about them at my own clinic where, amongst a pile of old fashion and lifestyle magazines, there was a stack of fliers. I could see the words 'support' from the corner of my eye and instantly grabbed the flier and stuck it in my bag. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was attending my first in-person support group meeting where I know I've made life-long friends. The kind that go beyond just infertility buddies. Moreover, the therapist who leads our groups incorporates yoga and breathing to help us make the connection that although we feel our bodies have "failed" us, they are still strong and capable and worthy. I appreciate JFF for hosting these support groups all over for women like myself who have struggled for years to have a little one. Through the grief, you see the light. Thanks, JFF.


When we discovered that we had infertility issues, it was truly devastating. We never imagined that we would have complications having children. We already had many ideas and plans for how we would raise our children and had such high hopes. We thought we could fix the problem by changing our lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, etc. Although all those changes were positive for our lives, it did not bring us children. As time passed, we accepted that we needed professional assistance from an infertility specialist. We held out hope that a IUI or two would do the trick, but unfortunately, they did not bear fruit. We realized that we may need to take it to the next step with an IVF, which was financially challenging for us. We were lucky to find a JFF flyer in a coffee shop and made the call. We were received warmly by Elana and company and we did not feel alone anymore. JFF provided us with a generous grant and a wealth of resources and support. JFF gave us renewed hope and confidence that we will achieve our hopes to have a family. We are forever in their debt. We are looking forward to being a JFF success story in the near future.

Yael & Brian TranterJFF GRANTEE

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