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Company: Thrive Wellness

Spotlight: David Youran

The Jewish Fertility Foundation’s Tampa kick-off celebration in May was an amazing and impactful evening of conversation, education, and entertainment. Our main event was the impressive roundtable discussion with well-known participants in the Tampa community. The evening was so successful that it left our attendees wanting more. 

Welcome to the JFF Tampa Community Spotlight Series. Each blog article will focus on one of our roundtable experts, digging deeper into their experience, knowledge, perspective, and business, if applicable.

Today’s spotlight is David Youran, L.Ac., founder of Thrive Women’s Wellness located in Clearwater. Thrive brings a fresh approach to women’s healthcare, providing acupuncture, massage, and herbal therapy to women of all ages. Many of their clients who are trying to conceive visit Thrive. Let’s hear what David has to say:


What has been your personal journey and how does that impact your work and life?

David Youran:

I bring a strong personal history to my practice and have a deep appreciation for the different ways that families can come together. I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia after my parents struggled with infertility for years. In 1984 my sister, Michelle, was the first baby conceived through IVF in Missouri. 

I became the first acupuncturist in Indiana to specialize exclusively in natural reproductive healthcare, establishing Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture in 2007 and later expanding to treat a wider range of women’s health issues as Nurture Wellness.

In 2021, my family decided to make the move to Florida after spending our lives visiting and never wanting to leave. In October 2021, we re-opened our practice in the Tampa Bay area as Thrive Women’s Wellness. We have already met so many remarkable women struggling with infertility here, and we hope to help make a difference along their journey. Given my family history, we really try to support our patients throughout this process and provide them with the resources and calm they need to improve their experience.


What do you want attendees to know about your work, the current world of infertility, new technology, or anything else of relevance?

David Youran:

More and more people are researching treatment options that may go beyond traditional Western medicine. With countless resources at their fingertips to find ways to improve their chances to have children, many have turned to acupuncture. Acupuncture can be very successful in helping women address fertility issues by increasing blood flow to the uterus to help thicken the uterine lining, regulating hormones, and helping stimulate the ovaries to produce a good quality egg or eggs. 

We treat women who are trying naturally as well as those who are working with a fertility specialist for a medicated cycle, IUI, or IVF. 


How can patients physically and mentally take care of themselves during their infertility journey?

David Youran

We know that infertility issues can be incredibly difficult and stressful for our patients. In addition to addressing physical fertility issues, acupuncture can provide women with relaxation and stress relief that helps ensure they are in a more positive emotional space during such a trying time. 

    David Youran:

As the first (and only for many years) acupuncturist in Indiana specializing exclusively in fertility and prenatal wellness, David Youran brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his acupuncture practice. After 15 years of treating solely fertility and prenatal patients, David expanded his practice in 2020 to include treating a wider range of women’s health issues. 

David began his career in his hometown of St. Louis after attending the University of Pennsylvania. Under the patient guidance and expert instruction of Dr. Thomas Duckworth, David completed a strict Japanese-style four-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

In 2005, David and his wife, Gabi, moved to her childhood hometown of Zionsville, Indiana. After 16 years there, they decided to move to Florida, their happy place! They have two wonderful kids and 2 dogs, Lucy (the best dog ever) and Indy (a feisty rescue puppy).

Thrive Women’s Wellness

2454 McMullen Booth Road

Suite 606

Clearwater, FL 33759


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