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The Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF), a non-profit organization providing financial assistance, emotional support, and educational programming to individuals with medical infertility marked the opening of its Denver location through the generous support of The Jewish Federation of Denver. JFF-Denver is JFF’s seventh location in its national expansion. 

“I am so excited to bring the Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF) to the Denver area! JFF addresses a major need within our Jewish community to support those who are experiencing infertility and seeking resources. I’m proud that our community has stepped up to the plate so immediately to offer much-needed peer and professional support, education, and financial assistance to so many around this topic. It is my hope that JFF-Denver will allow participants to experience the warmth of our Jewish community in a time of personal crisis, fulfilling an unmet need for so many.”

-Paula Samet, JFF-Denver Advisory Council Chair & Denver resident

Paula Samet

Helping more Jewish individuals and couples grow Jewish families, and changing the community’s conversation around infertility, requires commitment. Cultural change is difficult, especially for highly-sensitive, emotionally-charged topics like infertility which often carry the emotional burden and pervasive taboo in the Jewish community. However, the Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF) has taken bold steps to change the narrative and ensure that the Jewish community is a welcoming and knowledgeable environment for those who struggle with infertility. As a result, our JFF communities have become beacons of change, inclusivity, acceptance, and collaborative support. 

JFF supports intended parents through its three-pronged approach:

    • Financial assistance, for assisted reproductive technology
    • Emotional support, with face-to-face and virtual support groups and peer mentorship 
    • Education, for our community members, doctors, clergy, and intended parents

Pictured above is Rachel Loftspring- JFF Board Chair, Paula Samet- JFF-Denver Advisory Council Chair, and Elana Frank- JFF Founder & CEO

Elana Frank, CEO, and Founder of JFF says,

“What we have been able to accomplish since I started JFF is beyond anything I could have imagined.

We are proud and grateful to share that The Marcus and Zalik Foundations, and all of our champions, have steadfastly pledged to partner with JFF as we expand. Their continued and increased support is a vote of confidence in our mission and work. The Marcus Foundation’s support of $900,000 enables us to right-size our infrastructure as we transition from a scrappy start-up scaling up to a mid-sized national Jewish organization. Additionally, The Zalik Foundation’s challenge matching grant valued at $600,000 helps our newest communities by increasing the available dollars in our fertility grant funds and encourages local fundraising. Last, The Natan Fund has generously provided JFF with a multi-year grant of $55,000 to enable our expansion and organizational growth. 

Thank you to our local funders, Rose Community Foundation and Evi & Evan Makovsky, we will be able to deliver the necessary resources that Jewish families and beyond need to be fruitful and multiply in Denver.”

The hallmark of our organization is that we provide these services locally, connecting our clients with the Jewish community in profound and formative ways. We are an organization with a significant impact, resulting in our expansion to the Denver area. 

The success of JFF’s programs has been integral to our organization’s success and serves to connect all of our local stakeholders in our mission. Our clients, leaders, volunteers, and community leaders welcome JFF because of the added value we bring to the local community.  In addition to providing fertility support services, JFF programs offer a gateway to Jewish life through meaningful and long-lasting connections. 

To date, JFF has made a huge impact on the Jewish communities of Atlanta, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Greater DC, Pittsburgh and Tampa and intends to continue to affect tremendous change with the addition of the Denver branch. 

Reach out today to get involved!

Want to be our JFF-DENVER Manager? Learn more HERE


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