• UNDERSTAND that infertility causes stress for the entire family. 
  • ESTABLISH a sense of urgency. Infertility can lead to spiritual crisis and your congregants need you to be supportive and informed. Their loss and struggles may be overwhelming.
  • SPEAK OUT about the hardships of infertility or say a prayer during the High Holidays when mentioning the new babies born that year.
  • SUPPORT and refer congregants to the Jewish Fertility Foundation’s Fertility Buddies and Support Programs.
  • EMPOWER others to act by placing supportive messages in your congregation bulletin. For example,“Are you or someone you love experiencing infertility, visit for financial and emotional support.”
  • RECOGNIZE THE STRUGGLE for example, at a baby naming or bris know that there are those attending that are struggling just to be there, due to their infertility. Say a prayer or comment to recognize those that are trying to conceive.  
  • COUNSEL couples who come to you for pre-marital counseling and discuss with them the importance of genetic (JScreen) and infertility screening.  
  • CREATE inclusive programming and recognize the importance of programming for those that are choosing to live child free or who haven’t begun to start their families.